Skype or face-to-face tutoring on various topics related to managing Drupal sites: content management and editing, management and maintenance of various site functionalities etc..

Languages: Hebrew and English.

New! Experiential Lecture / Training: Drupal for managers:

Since Drupal essentially has a CRM system's capabilities, it offers virtually limitless number of ways it can be applied. Executives often want to know more about the system they are considering to order, and this lecture is aimed exactly at that.

Featuring some introductory background, followed by hands-on experience in building a Drupal site, and a brief explanation of its major system components. It concludes with a Q&A session.

The lecture is designed for people with very basic technical background.

Due to the experiential nature of this lecture, you receive good understanding and good retention of the structure and resources needed to operate and make the most of your Drupal site.

Recommended for owners and executives of small companies, marketing managers and IT professionals,

The lecture can also enable a more informed planning of the site management personnel: Content feeders, moderators, customer service agents, and so on.

The lecture requires a classroom with computers for all participants, or alternatively participants can arrive with laptops.

Additional topics: Drupal and SEO ( Search Engine Optimisations ).